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Unlock After-Sales Revenue Potential with Unified Product and Asset Lifecycle Management

Are disjointed data systems causing missed after-sales revenue opportunities for your business?

Experience the power of knowing what you sold, manage it effectively, and plan services with confidence

Know what you Sold

  • Effortless Asset Creation: Sell a product, instantly generate a unique, hierarchical asset for your customer.
  • Service-Centric Focus: Choose the specific aspects of the product you want to prioritize.
  • Goodbye, Sales Mystery: Never be unsure about what you’ve sold again with clear, comprehensive asset records.

Manage Your Assets with Ease

  • Intuitive Asset Tracking: Follow and maintain your customer’s assets.
  • Advanced Filtering: Effortlessly navigate your Clientry by accounts, products, or physical location.
  • Targeted Opportunities: Identify relevant assets and generate service opportunities for specific customer segments.

Visualize Service Success

  • Seamless Service Management: Gain a clear visual overview of service history and upcoming plans for each asset or asset group.
  • Schedule at a Glance: Quickly set a preliminary service schedule, including content.
  • Flexible Service Definition: Leverage pre-defined service content or tailor it to specific customer agreements.
  • Work Order Efficiency: Generate work orders directly from the Event Planner, ensuring a smooth transition to service execution.

We enable industrial manufacturers to go from one-to-one outreach and hours spend per account, to instantly execute data-driven after-sales with customers anywhere